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John's Auto Shop is a family owned auto repair shop that has been serving the Richfield, Bloomington, and Minneapolis areas for many years. We're located just 1 mile north of the Mall of America on Highway 77 (Cedar Avenue) on the corner of Diagonal Blvd and Cedar Avenue.


-Air Conditioning
-Door Locks
-Power Windows
-Transfer Case
-Rear Differentials
-Timing Belts
-Oxygen Sensors
-Catalytic Converters
-Ball Joints
-Spark Plugs
-Steering Rack and Pinions
-Timing Belts

-Anti-Lock Brakes
-ABS Speed Sensors
-Fuel Injection
-Heater Cores
-Brake Rotors
-Tie Rod Ends
-Power Steering Pumps
-and Much More

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