Our Team

John Heath

As a Shop Owner/Master Auto Technician for the last 30 plus years, I know the amount of effort needed to keep things running smoothly . Our employees also give the same effort keeping your car running smoothly.

Service Writer

Rick has been in the automotive repair field, lets just say a long time. He started as an auto technician in the early 70's. In the early 90's he moved seamlessly to a service writer position and has been there ever since. If you happen to see Rick while walking in the woods during turkey season, please wake him up.

Service Writer

Joining our team in January 2015, John is our newest employee. He may even resemble the owner. He has always had an interest in motorized vehicles. In fact, when not at work, you may find him on a Saturday night driving his super late model race car at a NASCAR sanctioned asphalt short track.

Shop Manager

Starting out in the early 80’s working at a service station by the Old Met Center, Jerry has compiled many years of experience. Transitioning from an auto technician to shop manager in 2002, Jerry has many responsibilities from test driving cars, to keeping the shop flowing. If you happen to see Jerry riding his Harley, give him a wave. He is just as friendly on his Harley as he is at work.


Working on cars since the early 80's Mike has just about seen it all. Broken bolts, stripped threads, blown out spark plugs etc. "I can fix that", "I have one", "I'm on it" are just some of the words that come out of his mouth. There are other words, but we will keep those private. With kids in hockey, you may see Mike at a hockey rink. If you happen to see Mike at the rink, stop and say hi, but beware, his hockey stories get a bit long.


Matt has been in the auto repair field since the 80's. He is one of our most versatile technicians. Whether working on a complex anti-lock brake system or installing wiper blades, Matt gets it done. If looking for a special tool, just ask Matt. "I have one" he'll say. If you happen to see Matt at a campground, don't be afraid to ask him for firewood.


Our youngest technician Eric has been working on cars ever since he knew what a 9/16 combination wrench was. Eric has the get it done attitude. We need to keep him busy, otherwise he day dreams about turbo charged LS engines.